EMS deploys cutting-edge lifesaving device

From Staff Reports

In an effort to further improve the chance of survival in sudden cardiac arrest, Camp County EMS has purchased and deployed four Lucas II CPR devices. The devices manufactured by Physio-Control are a battery-powered CPR device that provides 100 compressions per minute at a depth of 2 inches.  
Currently, there are two devices on units at the Pittsburg station and two devices on units at the Gilmer station. The devices come at a cost of approximately $15,000 each.
Camp County EMS Executive Director Mike Reynolds said these devices are a game changer.
“It is almost impossible for one person in the back of an ambulance to provide effective CPR while performing other necessary procedures such as medication administration and ventilation,” Reynolds said. “At the very least there are interruptions in CPR and then there are such factors as fatigue which sets in within a couple of minutes of beginning CPR. These devices perform much better CPR than a person can and they don’t fatigue. The physicians that have seen our units in use are amazed at the quality of pulses felt while the units are performing compressions. The Lucas device generates blood flow (perfusion) to the brain and other organs better than any individual can for a prolonged time.”
There are only two EMS agencies in all of East Texas that currently have these devices. 

See complete story in March 2 edition.

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