The burning question: Will the Dallas Cowboys be better?

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Were you expecting something different? The first preseason game has already been played and now is the time for educated guesses on how the season will turn out. By “educated” I mean this is what “my opinion is today;” however, it could change by tomorrow.

Here we go, “yes” I think the team will be better, but I don`t think that equates to a better record. There has been a lot of change and most of it won`t show up as positive until some games have been played. The offensive line, regarded by most experts as the best “unit” in pro football, has changed by 40 percent. I think they will be better, it might take some time and the Cowboys don`t have that much time. They only lost three regular season games last year and they could lose that many or more in their first six games. The most important games to win are division games; it makes our record better while making theirs worse. Sweeping the teams in your division makes for an easier path to the playoffs. We didn`t do that last year, losing three of the six divisional games (two to the New York Giants) and that is unusual and would be a killer this year. I can tell you the Giants and the Eagles teams got better and the Redskins are just as good as they were last year. So, what does all this mean? I`m thinking 11-5 would be exceptional record, 10-6 is more prudent, and 8-8 is a possibility. If we have key players injured, we will do worse than expected and if the other teams have key players injured they will do worse. My guesses aren`t any better than yours, that’s the reason you must watch every game. I will.

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